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Curriculum Vitae

Hi there, Jon here. If you're interested in working together, here's a short summary of my work history.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh (grad. 2013), and am working towards an MSc in Mathematics with the Open University on a part-time basis (exp. 2021).

Senior Developer at VesselsValue Ltd

Aug 2018—present

I was promoted to this role effective from 1st August 2018 in recognition of my efforts and commitment.

Web Developer at VesselsValue Ltd

Jun 2016—Jul 2018

In this time I created and led the development of VV Trade, one of the company's main four products.

Web Developer at BB Solutions Ltd

Jun 2015—May 2016

In this role I began creation of VV Trade and other related AIS-based shipping products.

Comment and Features Editor at The Edinburgh Journal Ltd

Sep 2011—Aug 2012

Managed a team of junior editors and commissioning and writing op-ed articles for the comment and features section of a growing student newspaper.

Freelance Journalist at International Systems and Communications Limited

Oct 2011—May 2012

I wrote a chapter of a book published and distributed at the Universal Postal Union's annual conference in Qatar, entitled 'Play global, act local, think postal'.

Interviewed numerous key figures involved in postal technology, as well as executives at Poste Italiane, Saudi Post, and the CEO of ICANN.

Sub-Editor at The Vibe


Performed daily content releases and organised new content based on daily news events. The Vibe, now defunct, was a student-led politics blog.

I organised and carried out an interview with Rt. Hon. David Miliband, former UK Foreign Secretary, earning this Tweet from him.

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