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Below are causes I believe in and support. I am currently focused on problems related to men's mental and physical health issues.

The Movember Foundation—Everyone knows about them by now, and they do outstanding work to support a neglected generation of men. Yes, every year I grow a fetching moustache. 👨🏻

FareShare South West—These guys cook and distribute meals to the hungry from Gloucester to Taunton and across Bristol.

Foodcycle—FoodCycle volunteers are welcoming and committed people who want to create delicious meals and lasting relationships within their community.

GiveDirectly—Send money directly to people living in extreme poverty.

Finally I use the The National Lottery mainly for the work they do supporting charity work and in allowing professional athletes to dedicate 100% of their time and effort to their sports. The chance of a massive windfall is also a nice bonus!

I do about 90% of my charity support through JustGiving, they make it super easy to make regular monthly donations.

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