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Affiliate Disclosure

Hi there, Jon here. Pursuant to the laws in the different countries that my readers visit me from, I'd like to lay out some explicit disclosures for the affiliate, business, and other relationships that I have.

This is so that when I recommend a product here on the blog, you know that I might, for example, make a cut on every product purchased or new user registration. That way you can be sure that there's no conflicts of interest.

Whenever I come across a new potential affiliate program, I try my best to actually use their product(s) or service(s) so I'm not promoting crappy products.

Okay so here's the list of products that I have affiliate relationships with. While it may not be true in every case, you should assume that any link to these websites from this blog is an affiliate link.

  • Amazon, Inc.—I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program and promote a variety of products sold on their websites. The way their program works is that once you click one of my affiliate links, I am credited with a cut of anything else in the shopping basket, even if I didn't actually recommend it
  • Kindle Unlimited—This is a specific service run by Amazon
  • Audible—This is a service run by a subsidiary of Amazon
  • Blinkist—This is a book summary service
  • DigitalOcean—This is a server infrastructure provider and they power my websites
  • Evernote—This is a cloud-based note taking service

I want to stay on the right side of the law with this stuff, but most importantly I don't want to mislead people. So if you have any comments or additions to make to this page, make sure to get in touch so I can review and see if any corrections need to be made.

Thank you again for visiting my site!

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