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Jonathan Baldie

Hi there and welcome!

I am a writer and software developer based in Stoke-on-Trent, England. You can reach me at or you can follow me at @jonbaldie.


I released my first non-fiction book, The 24 Laws of Storytelling, on 15th November 2018.

In its first month, 24 Laws became a #1 Best Seller in the Book Publishing Reference category on and #3 Best Seller in the Fiction Writing Reference category.

I occasionally write posts about stories, history, and books on my blog, along with some technical topics for freeCodeCamp.

In 2011 I founded the international politics blog The Pryer, and in 2012 I wrote a chapter of a book published by the Universal Postal Union.

Software Development

I have worked as a software developer on projects ranging from small brick-and-mortar business websites, to leading the development of highly complex production-level applications, most notably VV Trade, which I created in my time working at VesselsValue.

I also administer several Docker images which have grown rapidly in popularity due to their simplicity and stability.

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